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2200 Series

Wintek USA’s Ecotek 2200 Series Replacement Windows are exceptional in every way, from their durable structure to superb energy efficiency and classically beautiful design. If you’re searching for windows that truly stand out and offer practically unlimited benefits, Ecotek 2200 Series  Windows are the best choice for your home.

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A extremely efficient and stylish window.

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2200 Series

Ecotek 2200 Series Windows, you’ll experience a more comfortable home than you ever imagined and benefit from energy cost savings throughout every season. With a multitude of energy-efficient insulating glass options to choose from, there’s no doubt that your new windows will perform to the highest possible standards. Safety and security for your family From fiberglass composite reinforcement in key areas to an advanced locking system, EcoTek 2200 Series  Windows are designed specifically to keep your home—and family—safe and secure. Optional laminated glass systems ensure that your new windows provide the best, most secure protection against intrusion. Unsurpassed beauty and curb appeal If you desire a sleek-looking vinyl window with a slim-line frame for expanded viewing area, ET2200 Series is the ideal choice for your home. You’ll get a beautiful, polished appearance, in a top-of-the-line, practically maintenance-free window that’s offered with several distinctive options. Your home will look better than ever before! 

Give your home style.

Ecotek 2200 Series  Windows from are available in practically every window operating style available. From traditional double-hungs or horizontal sliders to room-expanding bow and bay models. 



Easy-to-operate casements and awnings or unique garden window styles. You can replace your old, worn-out windows with the same style—or give your home a fresh new look and feel by selecting a different operating style. WinTek USA manufacturing partner purchases the best available glass products from leaders in the industry that focus exclusively on glass fabrication. We offer an array of technologically advanced insulating glass systems that can be tailored to best perform in your climate region. This ensures that your new ET2200 Series Windows will provide the best possible thermal performance for your home, which will save you money on energy costs. There are several examples of the performance ratings that ET2200 Series  Windows achieve—but the possibilities for various glass, spacer and Low-E combinations are practically endless.

WinTek USA offers an array of options, including double- or triple-glass configurations, Intercept aluminum spacer or the unique metal-free Super Spacer system, and several different Low-E coatings so that you can select the coating that works best for your climate region. Ask your authorized dealer about the best glass option for your home.


  • Fusion welded frame and sashes provide long-lasting strength and durability.

  • Dual-fin, wool-pile weather stripping wraps the sash perimeter and minimizes air infiltration.

  • Cam-action lock pulls sashes tightly together for exceptional security.

  • Certa-Force™ balance system ensures smooth, easy and maintenance-free operation on double hungs.

  • Integral lift rail features beautiful, yet comfortable, ergonomic design.

  • Balance cover provides a cleaner, more finished appearance.

  • Intercept® stainless steel spacer system (standard) significantly reduces condensation. Optional metal-free

  • Super Spacer® offers enhanced thermal efficiency and other unique benefits.

Ecotek Product Packages

We have a complete ensemble of energy-efficient windows that are custom designed for each and every homeowner. Shop today for the perfect package to fit your home and budget.

EcoTek Windows - Our Efficiency is clear.

1200 Series

Fusion Welded sashes & master frame 5/8" double-insulated SC LOW-E glass

 Single cam-action locks

Dual locking system

Available in white or tan only

PVC frame

Under lock aluminum reinforcement

EcoTek Windows - Our Efficiency is clear.

2200 Series

Fusion Welded sashes & foam filled master frame

Patented double contoured narrow-line window design

7/8" dual glazed high-performance Omega 12 Glass

Mortised spring locks for added security

Advanced triple weather-stripping seals

Lifetime Manufacturer's non-prorated transferable warranty

EcoTek Windows - Our Efficiency is clear.

3200 Series

Fusion Welded sashes & foam filled master frame

Fiberglass reinforced sashes

7/8" overall triple glazed insulated glass

Coved interior glazing bead for added elegance

Recognized by Energy Star most efficient]

Available in 6 interior wood grains and 17 custom exterior colors.

Lifetime manufacturer's non-prorated transferrable warranty.

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Bad things happen to good people.  We have lenders that specialize in assisting people in these situations.  We can handle most credit situations with our amazing financing options.  Beautify your home today while saving energy.

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We have the best lending solutions in the industry with payments designed to fit any budget. Our payments start at $13.41 a month for each $1000 borrowed.  You can be preapproved today.

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Types of Windows

Ecotek Single Hung Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Single Hung Windows

Wintek USA's Ecotek single hung windows feature a fixed upper sash and a sliding vertical lower sash in a single casement. Their stylish beauty enhances the look of any home. These single hung windows provide excellent thermal performance. The tilt-in sash feature makes cleaning and general maintenance a breeze. With only one operating sash, these windows are more budget-friendly making a practical choice for economical homeowners.

Ecotek Double Hung Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Double Hung Windows

 WinTek USA’s Ecotek double-hung windows feature two operating sashes—so you can open both the top and bottom parts of the window.  Tilt-in sashes make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.  Their stylish beauty enhances the look of any home.  Ecotek windows provide excellent thermal performance.

Ecotek Picture Windows - Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Picture Windows

Wintek USA's Ecotek picture windows feature a large single glass window perfect for your living or great room. Picture windows can be combined with other window styles to create a truly stylish focal point for your home. Enjoy the versatility and stunning good looks of our standard picture and casement picture windows.x`

Ecotek Bow Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Bow Windows

WinTek USA's Ecotek bow windows feature 3 to 6 equal-sized sections. This window is built with a curved pattern projecting outward from an outside wall. Bow windows give your room a new dimension with symmetrical style. Bow windows are available in custom sizes, various finishes, and feature single or multiple window styles.

Ecotek Bay Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Bay Windows

WinTek USA's bay windows feature a window built to project outward from an outside wall. Bay windows provide a large center picture window with your choice of double-hung or casement windows on each side. A choice of a 30-degree or 45-degree angle is sure to give you the ideal seating area you desire.

Ecotek Casement Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Casement Windows

Wintek USA’s Ecotek casement windows feature one operational window sash. Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward for an open view from inside your home. Casement windows allow you to open them easily with the turn of a handle. Casement windows can open up to 90 degrees to allow airflow from multiple different angles. A single lever lock that activates multiple locking points ensures these window types are exceptionally secure. Our Ecotek casement window can be installed as a single unit or grouped to create a unique design appeal.

Ecotek Double Slider Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Slider Windows

WinTek USA’s Ecotek slider windows feature narrow line frames and expansive glass areas for maximum visibility. Easy-glide rollers make for effortless operation. Slider windows have one or two moveable sashes that pivot inward for easy cleaning and maintenance. Sliders are ideal for homes with a low ceiling but with plenty of horizontal space along the wall. Additionally, a sliding window has a more contemporary appearance if you prefer the modern look.  Similar to our single-hung and double-hung windows, our sliders come in both single and double configurations.   

Ecotek Awning Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Awning Windows

WinTek USA’s Ecotek awning windows feature one operational window sash hinged along the top and opens by tilting outward from the bottom creating an awning-like effect. Accurately named, awning windows allow you to catch a fresh breeze even during a light rainstorm. Our awning windows open with the turn of a handle for easy cleaning. A single lever lock that activates multiple locking points ensures these window styles are exceptionally secure as well.

Ecotek Garden Windows -Vinyl Style Replacement Windows

Garden Windows

WinTek USA's Ecotek garden windows feature a fully enclosed window frame utilizing multiple glass panels that project outward to create a unique space. Ecotek garden windows use Low-E glass and add an attached greenhouse to any room for your favorite plants and fresh herbs.  All of this is available year-round from a window that is stylish and creates additional space.

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