Ensure Your Montgomery, AL, Home is Comfortable With a Home Window Replacement

Creating an energy-efficient home starts with buying the right windows. After all, your windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss and gain in your home. But how do you know which windows are right for you? Well, if you live around Montgomery, Alabama, you have an excellent choice available to you—EcoTek by ProVia®. This high-performance and stylish window line is exclusively offered and installed by the experts at WinTek USA.

Top-Rated Replacement Windows

EcoTek by ProVia replacement windows are designed to meet the needs of any homeowner. That’s why they are available in three different models:

1200 Series

Homeowners that are looking for affordable, yet high-performance windows will love the 1200 series. These windows are strong, customizable, and use low-E coatings for reliable resistance to heat transfer.

2200 Series

There’s a reason the 2200 series is our most popular model of windows: they offer premium performance at a mid-range price point. 2200 series windows are durable thanks to their heavy-duty vinyl frames, and they boast superb energy efficiency because of double-glazed insulated glass.

3200 Series

When a homeowner asks for the best windows we have, we recommend our 3200 series. These windows are made with 1” thick triple-glazed glass, thermal reinforcements, and triple weather stripping, to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency. Plus, they help dampen noise pollution, leading to a more peaceful living space.

Choose WinTek USA

If you’re interested in adding our EcoTek by ProVia windows to your home in Montgomery, AL, contact WinTek USA. Our home window replacement experts are standing by to answer any questions you have about our products or installation services.

Window Styles

A Modern Design


Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes, making these replacement windows for homes a popular option for homeowners who love fresh air.

A Traditional Favorite


With one stationary and one operating sash, single-hung windows are a cost-effective option that adds classic charm to any home.

Frame the Outdoors


Stationary picture windows are ideal for allowing natural light into your home and framing the view of your yard.

An Array of Gorgeous Windows


Bow windows are a series of windows that arc outward from the home. If you love natural light and fresh breezes, bow windows offer the maximum of each.

An Attractive Architectural Element


Typically consisting of a stationary window bookended by two operable windows, bay windows create a unique look on the exterior and a cozy nook on the interior.

A Timeless Classic


Casement windows swing open like a door and are great for catching fresh breezes. Additionally, they are one of the most energy-efficient window styles.

Easy Operations


Sliding windows effortlessly open and close along a lateral track and are perfect for compact spaces, such as in living rooms and bedrooms where furniture may be near the window.

Fresh Air for Any Room


Awning windows hinge on the top and swing upward from the bottom. This unique operability allows awning windows to be opened even when it’s raining.

Grow Your Herbs


Extending outward from the home, garden windows create an interior ledge that makes the perfect spot for growing an indoor herb garden.

Weather Protection


When a storm rolls in and heavy winds pick up, our impact-resistant windows offer homeowners peace of mind that their home is protected.


Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Read glowing reviews from numerous customers who are now enjoying more energy-efficient homes.

“Love my new window I don't feel the sunshine as much as with my old windows. I can leave my curtains open without worrying about it getting hotter inside my home. I really recommend this Wintek company for your windows replacement.”


“The crew that installed my windows was. great. They cleaned up after the job. So far I really like my windows. I can tell the difference in the temperature of the house and the amount of dust is drastically reduced. I highly recommend.”

Becky M.
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